What if I need a historical 409A valuation?

We’ll be happy to help with historical 409A valuations, or valuations older than 90 days. It is important to note that options that have not been granted yet, and that you are substantiating a price for, and are looking for a 409a report to support that strike price, would need to capture all known facts and estimates as of the date of the grant. With that said, if the company had promised an employee a stock option 9 months ago, but is issuing them today, a valuation report as of 9 months ago is useless as it does not capture all known facts as of the date of the grant (i.e. today). If the Company did, in fact, grant the options 9 months ago and is now looking for a 409A report to see if the contractual strike price is above, at, or below Fair Market Value, then a 409A valuation study may be very useful.

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